Practice areas

Labour Law

  • Drawing up employment contracts
  • Developing and adapting regulations
  • Advising on the termination of labour contracts
  • Jurisdictional enforcement of industrial claims
  • Public and collective labour contracts

Real Estate and Construction Law

  • Construction Law and Public Construction Law
  • Providing support for building projects (especially Law of Contract for Work and Labour)
  • Advising on the purchase and sale of real estate
  • Handling the purchase and sale of real estate

Inheritance Law and Estate Planning

  • Succession planning and settlement of estates
  • Advising on writing wills and contracts of inheritance
  • Guidance in case of succession-related disagreements

Family Law and Divorce Law

  • Developing marriage contracts
  • Marriage protection proceedings and divorce proceedings
  • Settlement and enforcement of maintenance claims

Corporate Law

  • Foundation of companies in Switzerland
  • Acquisition and sale of companies
  • M&A, asset purchase agreements, joint ventures

M&A, asset purchase agreements, joint ventures

  • Adjustment of liability claims and insurance claims
Tenancy Law

  • Advising on tenant and lessor claims
  • Drawing up special rental agreements and lease contracts
  • Tenancy Law proceedings (rent collection, rent increase, notice to quit, eviction order)

Sports Law

  • Career counselling for professional athletes in Switzerland and internationally
  • Advising sports associations, sports clubs, and investors
  • Consultancy services for players’ agents and players’ advisers

Criminal Law and Judicial Assistance

  • Representing accused persons and victims in preliminary and judicial proceedings
  • Legal support in domestic and international administrative and judicial assistance cases

Contract Law

  • Drawing up and wording of all types of contracts
  • Contract negotiations
  • Enforcement of contractual claims

Administrative Law

  • General Administrative Law
  • Representation before authorities
  • Education and School Law
  • Labour Law

Law of Enforcement

  • Collecting claims
  • Enforcement of domestic and foreign judgments